Cement Retaining Wall

Cement Retaining Wall

A Cement Retaining wall is an awesome addition if your landscape has hills, and it acts as a border from rain disasters. Many people who have hill sides know that once the rain falls the water has to go somewhere and because of hill sides and depending on the position of your home usually it is towards the house. A cement retaining wall will protect your home from this disaster and it also can be made into a beautiful garden area if you decide to develop it with a green thumb.

Here is a picture image of a retaining wall of a home owner that was tired of his yard becoming a muddy wasteland anytime it got wet. We took out the small hill side and buit a will that levels with the neightbor fence border. We willed the ratining garden wall with dirt to level off the garden area and Cement Retaining Wall and added a second step wall for another mini garden.

Retaining Walls are great for:


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