Hand Scraped Walnut Flooring

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

A Wood Floor installation is a huge must for a home, it adds an elegant feel and a more homely environment. The best places to add wood flooring is the kitchen, or you can accent any living or family room. Redlands Home Services will help you pick a color that will blend well with your house.

This picture image is of a Hand Scraped Walnut Flooring, the boards go diagonal across the home developing a more artistic feel without looking too noticeable. This wood flooring go across the whole downstairs of the home.

The great thing about a wood floor is if you have pet and as long as  you trim their nails it makes loose fur clean up easy. Cleaning the wood flooring as a whole makes it more easy with a broom and dust pan versus lugging around a vacuum. Area rugs look much better accenting rooms. And you never have to worry about stains on it as long as you wipe up spills quickly.

Great places to put a wood Flooring are:

Across the whole down stairs of a home

Game rooms

Master bedrooms


Trophy Rooms

Dining Rooms

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