New Walk Way Brick Planters Perfect for Looks and Shade

Redlands Sidewalk After

Redlands Sidewalk Before

One of our clients had a small strip of grass that was between the fence and the side walk. People walking their dogs through this area would allow their dog use the restroom on this part of the grass and get away Scott free without picking up the mess. So they decided to make it a planter, and had the same exact problem, turns our most people will not look after or pick up after their dogs if there is a fence or some type of hiding area.

So we suggested a raised wall that would make it look cleaner and stop from people allowing their pets to use the restroom in that area. or at least make it harder for them to allow their pets to excrete along the fence area.

So with one day, and some skill we built a short wall that runs along the fence, which also ended up making a great area for the family to sit in the shade during the summer as well as beautify the side walk.


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