Sod Grass Leveled and Laid

Laid Sod Grass Services

Redlands Home Services can give you the yard lawn that everyone dreams of. Imagine a fresh bright or dark green lawn that is sculpted and carved to a leveled finish and making sure that it will not damage unnaturally through weathering.

With our knowledge you can be rest assured that when the heavy rains come the water will not be displaced into a pit or even worse run towards your house. We take every precausion we have so that when the project is done we will never have to come back… Unless you have a new project that needs tending to.

That is where Redlands Home Services really excels, our handymen are not just workers that will do the bare minimum. We want you to be happy with our work.

We can plant your new grass anyway you want it, there is always advantages and disadvantages based on the terrain of your home. You will need to choose between grass seed or sod. And depending on the season climate and soil we can help you make that decision effectively. The second thing we can help you with is choosing the type of grass you want planted there are many different types but in California the most common are Bluegrass, Bentgrass, Ryegrass, and Fescues but the best for California seems to be Kentucky bluegrass. This is not including the types of sods, sprig, or plugs for your grass lawn.

Contact us right away if you need a lawn project done!

About Redlands Handyman

With over 35 years of Home Building, Improvement, and Fixing Services, Redlands Home Services is here to help you with your house problems, needs, and even dreams. Servicing the greater Inland Empire, Southern California area we have the experience to give you a full detail development at a fair cost.